Merchandising Services

Straight Up Merchandising (v3)

You’re a YouTube star. A spin studio with serious cred. A startup on its way to being the next unicorn. You’ve got name recognition and admirers, so you're already halfway there.

Catapult your following to the next level with branded merch for the people that know, love, and work for you. Just outsource everything to TVP, your one-stop shop for merchandise and apparel:

  •      Product ideation
  •      Design
  •      Production
  •      Shipping
  •      Sales and logistics support

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E-Commerce Sites (v3)

Sleek design. Smart content. Seamless UX/UI. With a great e-commerce platform comes great selling power. Showcase your custom swag on a site designed and built to sell.

We're Shopify Experts [link to profile] here to create and optimize your personally branded e-commerce site. We can help with any of your digital needs, including:    

  •      Brand Identity
  •      Content Strategy
  •      Visual and UX Design
  •      Site Mapping and Web Development
  •      Technical Support

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On-Demand Merchandising (v3)

Quality stuff. Minimal effort. You know you want products, but you’re not sure what and how to get them. And, you definitely don’t want to be storing and shipping goods.

We know what you need and tailored our on-demand storefront package [link to market place that opens separate window] for just this reason. Low cost set-up and high-quality merchandising,

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Event Merchandising (v3)

Networking cocktails. Marketing extravaganzas. Fundraising galas that need to rake it in for your favorite cause. Make your event shine with custom TVP swag. Just purchase a minimum of 144 items at wholesale price with no extra fees, and we’re there the whole way through:

  •      Product design and sourcing
  •      Day-of storage
  •      Onsite coordination
  •      Seamless and on-time order fulfillment

Lace your event with custom swag—and give them the ultimate goodie bag.

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Product Sourcing, Design and Inventory Solutions (v2)

Custom snapbacks. Unbreakable iPhone cases. Professional ping pong paddles with your face. The sky is the limit and you’ve got an epic idea for a product that will compliment your brand perfectly. Now comes the less fun part of dealing with wholesale suppliers, warehouses, shipping costs, sales taxes, logistics, and fulfillment.

Skip the stress and let our product specialists collaborate with you to conceive, design, and source your products. With expert advice, we’ll make your product look great, feel awesome, and last long.

It doesn’t stop there — we’ll help you determine exactly how much to stock order and when, including appropriate buffer stock. Then, we’ll drive (and track) the movement of your goods through production and into our storage space.

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Fulfillment Strategies (v2)

Piles of t-shirts. Drawers full of pens. Boxes everywhere. You’re stoked about your new swag. But as you coordinate order completion, your office starts to morph from workspace to storage room, and the clutter is (literally!) cramping your style. Plus, time spent boxing and shipping is eating into your main gig hours.

Work with TVP to create a custom fulfillment strategy. We’ll store your items and ship them straight to your customers’ doorsteps. Pay shipping costs yourself, transfer to your customers, or work out a combination of both.

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