About Us

Retailers and wholesalers are a dime a dozen. Snazzy-looking startups getting into the custom tee game, even mega-chains have capitalized on the corporate swag market, offering USBs and eco-friendly water bottles by the thousands, trying to beat the local mom-and-pop shops on prices and shipping times. While we, too, pride ourselves on our timeliness and affordability, that’s not what TVP is about.

Swag isn’t just about corporate giveaways and cheesy client gifts. It’s about capitalizing on popularity, driving brand awareness, and realizing new revenue or fundraising streams. We preserve quality and the integrity of your brand, all while providing all-in-one service: product sourcing and design, merchandising strategy, inventory management, shipping and storage.

That's what TVP NYC offers. Far more than a company that plugs your logo into the next corporate giveaway campaign, we are product designers, sourcing experts,  e-commerce strategists. We value high-quality merch and to brands, influencers, awesome causes, and many more.

You can think of TVP NYC as a hybrid designer, manufacturer, merchandiser, and fulfillment center. But, we'd rather you just think of us as your go-to merchandising partner.

Work with us, and open a world of revenue, growth, and covetable swag. Start now.